Build Competence, Build Confidence

Did you know that by building competence we’re also building confidence? Competence breeds confidence, there is no denying it. The two go hand-in-hand when we’re talking professional and personal development. When you feel competent, you exude confidence. Many times without even knowing it. Not an egotistical confidence or know-it-all style, more like a calm sense of wisdom because of the information you’ve retained.

Picture of Lake Tahoe from an eastern shoreline with moored boats and waves.

For me, sometimes building my competence means relying on my past experiences. Such as when Lake Tahoe resembles the Pacific Ocean. I know it’s better for me to enjoy the views from the shore than struggling to stay on top of my paddle board. Tools for developing competence don’t always look like a book or a classroom. Sometimes nature can be the best teacher. That and our own drive to explore and know more!

Increasing competence helps build confidence in many ways. As we gain knowledge we develop a deeper trust in our own ability to achieve success. The more we trust in ourselves the more we find our confidence. We are empowered to unlock potential with pride and enthusiasm. Where competence lives, so does confidence.

I really like this article The Confidence/Competence Loop by Kevin Eikenberry. He says that confidence accelerates success, and I can’t disagree! I also love how he frames fear in the picture — “Without confidence we revert to fear, and when we are fearful we don’t take any action.” Taking action is key to achieving goals and dreams, therefore confidence must be essential.

Following the confidence competence loop theme, there’s a great Nina Amir’s article Increase Your Level of Confidence with Higher Levels of Competence. Nina explores methods to increase both competence and confidence while also making us think outside the box. She states it simply —

There’s an easy way to raise your confidence level so you feel able to go for your dreams: increase your level of competence.

Nina Amir

Another article I found insightful is by Joseph Folkman for Forbes entitled, “Don’t Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Match Confidence to Competence“. Folkman is a behavioral statistician who is passionate about leadership development. Interestingly he points out the correlations between confidence and leadership effectiveness while also exploring the negative impactive of over-confidence.

How do you work to build your competence? Do you feel more confident as you gain more knowledge?

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