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What We Do

Paralegal Services

Draft pleadings, motions and discovery documents. Manage filings and e-filings. Format and prep exhibit binders, trial notebooks, subpoenas, witness and exhibit lists, jury instructions and verdict forms.

E-Discovery & Legal Tech

E-discovery and document reviews. Productions. Electronic exhibit prep. Deposition, mediation, ADR, arbitration, and trial support. PowerPoint and evidentiary presentations. Video depo editing, synching and designations. Courtroom equipment set-up, operation, and break-down.

Project Management

Comprehensive case and workflow management. Case analysis. Resource alignment. Coordination with outside vendors, opposing counsel and court staff. Remote and on-site availability. Logistics planning.

Coaching & Mentorship

Paralegal courses and coaching for career development. Mentorship to advance practices. Skill building to enhance organization, efficiency and confidence. Monthly subscription available.

Doc Review & Reporting

Document management and file organization. Virtual data room set-up and maintenance. Review workflow creation. Subpoena tracking. Repository development. Medical record review. Timelines and chronologies. Summary and detail reporting. Clinical RN oversight and review.

Advocacy & Research

Legal, factual and documentary research. Organizational consulting. Strategy and brainstorming sessions. Witness interviews. Subpoena research. Claim analysis. Client advocacy. Court accompaniment.

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My Paralegal Perspective

Writings, musings, thoughts, ideas from my paralegal perspective

Wellness Wednesday: Get Outside

Connecting with nature without synthetic materials (and technology) interfering does absolute wonders for creating a sense of peace and calm within.   

Charleston Law Center

The Charleston Law Center is a full service non-profit law firm, established by survivors for survivors. A survivor and advocate of women impacted by sexual exploitation, Bekah Charleston is the CEO and co-founder of Charleston Law Center.

Elements of Self-Care

Managing residual emotions is a large component for those of us working in the advocacy space. Employing elements of self-care is essential!

Wellness Facts

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International Women’s Day

2023 International Women’s Day is March 8th and this year’s theme is “Embrace Equity”. Equity isn’t a “nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. A focus on gender equity needs to be part of every society’s DNA. And it’s critical to understand the difference between equity and equality.” Let’s start talking about why equal opportunities are not enough.…

Friday Facts

The discovery stage of litigation is the stage in which most battles are fought and where the feud is largely won or lost.

Wellness Wednesday

Since we’re in the middle of blizzardville here in the Eastern Sierras, I found it fitting to use a photo of one of my favorite winter activities. Exercise! Yes, daily. I don’t mean all out sweat sessions or hiking the highest peaks. What I mean is MOVE every day. Stretch, promote movement within the body,…


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KLR Paralegal is a business that provides paralegal services to licensed attorneys. It is not a law firm, nor is it licensed to practice law, or authorized to provide legal advice. Paralegal services are performed under the supervision and direction of licensed attorneys. KLR Paralegal does not staff attorneys and is not a substitute for an attorney, nor is the business a law firm.  

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