Wellness Wednesday

Since we’re in the middle of blizzardville here in the Eastern Sierras, I found it fitting to use a photo of one of my favorite winter activities.

Exercise! Yes, daily. I don’t mean all out sweat sessions or hiking the highest peaks. What I mean is MOVE every day.

Stretch, promote movement within the body, do what feels good that day, listen to the body and practice awareness of how movement impacts the whole day.

Research suggests exercise not only increases energy levels it also promotes mental health and positive self-image and can actually decrease anxiety and depression. The combination of exercise and diet is key to keeping the immune system running at its absolute best.

Carve out time for movement, in some form, each day. This will boost confidence by knowing you’re committing to doing something every day to support your wellness.

How do you choose to move each day?
Do you default to the same activity?
Or do you prefer more variety?

I’d love to hear how you fit in daily movement — reach out at info@klrparalegal.com or visit klrparalegal.com and leave a comment on the blog post!

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