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What is e-Discovery?

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Discovery is the phase in litigation where facts and info are uncovered. It is an integral component of any lawsuit because the complaint and response rarely contain enough details for a decision to be made. These details are uncovered through the discovery process. The discovery stage of litigation is the stage in which most battles are fought and where the feud is largely won or lost.

E-Discovery is referring to electronic discovery and is specific to electronic and digital evidence. It can include but is not limited to audio and video files, email accounts, instant messages, social media profiles, online documents, website content and other electronically stored information (also known as ESI).

E-Discovery refers to the process in which ESI is sought, located, secured and analyzed to assess relevance as evidence in a legal matter.

Have you been involved in the discovery process?
How about the electronic discovery process?
Is there a certain stage of the e-discovery process that really intrigues you?
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