Teen Dating Violence Awareness Workshop

Please join us February 28th at 5:30-6:30 pm for a Teen Dating Violence Awareness Workshop at Xquisite in Carson City, NV.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to provide parents and teens with facts and figures of what teen dating violence is, who it effects, and tools to prevent teen dating violence.

This workshop will be presented by Xquisite’s youth program coordinator, Kassandra Butterfield and will be followed by a discussion facilitated by Molly Dahl, M.Ed.

Molly is author of The Art of Emotional Resilience (2020) and Youth Positive, Exploring the Unique Genius of Every 21st Century Adolescent, (2015). A positive education curriculum and a collection of best-practices and strategies to include mindfulness, emotional resilience skills, and character development.

Please RSVP for the workshop at www.xquisite.org/events-1/TDVAworkshop

For more information on Xquisite, please visit xquisite.org/

For more information about author Molly Dahl, please visit mollydahlspeaks.com/

If you’d like to connect with me, please email info@klrparalegal.com or visit klrparalegal.com

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