My Wellness Continuum

When we look at wellness as we age, we must acknowledge the functional changes necessary to sustain health. Activities I could do with ease in my 20s look and feel very different in my 40s. This doesn’t mean I am less healthy or lacking wellness. What this means is that I must be mindful of how I exert myself and aware of what my body needs in this season.

Crossfit methodologies have long been a part of my wellness regimen. But when we started moving around to various cities for professional pursuits, a gym membership was not part of the plan. And then we encountered the pandemic, which we all know what that meant for gym-going habits. Basically non-existent!

As someone who needs movement and exercise daily, I quickly dove into an at home yoga practice mixed with some lifting in our garage gym. This did wonders for both my body and mind, which fully supported my overall wellness. But I was severely missing the community, motivation and drive I once embraced within the gym space.

In December we joined our local crossfit gym, and I could not feel more at home. I have the honor of working out with some of the most amazing people and truly feel like family to a diverse group of individuals. On any given day my workout partner could be an 80 year old beast or could be a 15 year old budding athlete. We all show up and put in the work, which benefits all of our wellness goals.

And while we often equate fitness with wellness, I’m beginning to understand that with aging, wellness is the goal, not fitness! I want to be functional and well for a long time, which means I must work within the optimal range defined by the needs of my mind and body.

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