Breaking the Stigma: Prioritizing Well-Being in the Legal Industry

I recently had the opportunity to share some thoughts very near and dear to my heart. Well-being in the legal industry has long been set aside, as is the same story in many high-pressure industries. Through the pandemic, we really witnessed how vital mental health support and resources are for the wellbeing of each of us. It’s time to make change so that wellness is accessible and inclusive for us all, because you know what, WE ALL MATTER!

Your wellness matters and it’s time to break the stigma and start these conversations! If you take a look at our blogroll you’ll see wellness and self-care is a main theme. I am a huge proponent of self-advocacy, which also means prioritizing oneself in order to better serve others. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so why keep trying?

For those of us or anyone in our networks that may need some ideas for integrating wellness practices into our routines, please check out the deep well of resources at the Institute for Well-Being in Law website.

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