The Sound Of Freedom

In our communities, insidious crimes like human trafficking often lurk in the shadows, hidden from public view. However, a ray of hope is breaking through the darkness as stories are beginning to be exposed. The highly anticipated "Sound Of Freedom" movie has become a powerful catalyst, raising concerns and igniting questions.

What is Sex Trafficking?

Based on the cases reported, as of 2020, Nevada had the second-highest rate of trafficking in the country, second to only Mississippi. Let's build awareness and increase prevention to end trafficking of humans! Humans are not a commodity to be bought and sold, we must put a stop on this business.

Allied Legal Professionals

Did you know that the average American household will have at least one incident or experience that will require engagement of legal services? If the average cost of an attorney is anywhere from $150 - 500 an hour, how can the average American afford those necessary and often vital legal resources?