Paralegal Trial Responsibilities

Navigating the Legal Maze: A Paralegal’s Crucial Trial Responsibilities

infographic with the text, "Four Vital Trial Responsibilities a Paralegal May Handle" and listing four trial paralegal tasks.

As paralegals we are deeply entrenched in the world of litigation. Often finding ourselves at the heart of legal battles, armed not with a gavel but with a keen sense of responsibility. While attorneys command the courtroom, our role at trial extends far beyond the periphery, involving vital tasks that often go unnoticed. Here, I shed light on four paralegal trial responsibilities that underscore our indispensability in the throes of courtroom battle.

Jury Instructions

First and foremost, the preparation of jury instructions stands as a cornerstone of trial responsibilities. Crafting these instructions requires a meticulous understanding of the case. Interpreting legal nuances with the ability to convey complex concepts to a diverse audience. Ensuring the attorneys have the proper language for all relevant instructions to the jury is essential. We want the jury to comprehend the legal framework, a strategic move that can sway the scales of justice.

Evidentiary Gatekeeper

Tracking and presenting evidence is another critical facet of a paralegal’s role at trial. From organizing exhibits to creating compelling visual aids, we transform a labyrinth of evidence into a compelling narrative. As the attorney presents the case, we are the silent architect behind the scenes, orchestrating the visual symphony that reinforces the legal arguments. We also single-handedly manage tracking all evidence identified during trial. It may seem irrelevant however it is one key task that will make or break your evidentiary argument.

Witness Coordination

Coordination of trial witnesses is a delicate dance that requires precision and finesse. I often liken it to herding cats, ha! From scheduling their appearances to preparing them for cross-examination, paralegals are the linchpin that ensures the seamless integration of witness testimony. In the courtroom, timing is everything, and our ability to synchronize these moving parts contributes to the trial’s overall cadence.

Verdict Forms

Drafting verdict forms may seem like a mundane task, but it is far from it. These forms encapsulate the culmination of legal battles, distilling the complexities of the case into a concise decision. The workflow of the jury and ultimate outcome depends on the specific details of the verdict forms. As these forms are drafted, paralegals are not merely transcribing outcomes; we are encapsulating justice.

In the realm of legal proceedings, the paralegal is not a mere spectator but an indispensable force, shouldering responsibilities that help shape the very fabric of justice. As we navigate the intricacies of trial prep, we are reminded that in the pursuit of justice, every role, no matter how seemingly small, plays a vital part in the symphony of the legal process.

These are only a snippet of the vital tasks paralegals undertake during trial. Have you gone to trial before? What were your paralegal trial responsibilities? I’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment on the blog or send an email to

Are you an attorney with trial on calendar? We are here to help! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any pre-trial or trial tasks we can take off your hands.

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