Learn to Adapt

Image of woman holding stretching, balancing pose with text of Wellness tip: Learn Flexibility

I don’t mean yoga or stretching, although those are both excellent activities to integrate into a wellness routine. What I mean is to be adaptable! Flex, expand, grow, learn, adapt, evolve…whatever you want to call it, learn to adapt. 

Practice flexibility regularly and create contingency plans should things go awry. In the legal profession one thing is certain, something is going to go awry! Having the capability to pivot and re-adjust plans is essential to a successful legal career.

Looking at The High Demand for Durable Skills report by America Succeeds, the most “in-demand” skills have been categorized into ten themes or competencies. Narrowing in on adaptability, we see it labeled under the “Metacognition” competency. America Succeeds describes metacognition as “self-understanding and personal management”.

Chart illustrating most in-demand durable skills categorized into ten major themes or competencies.

Self-understanding is essential to an effective wellness routine. We must be aware of our needs in order to meet them. It is critical to assess and re-assess regularly to ensure we’re satisfying our own needs.

This is where planning and paying attention to detail come into play. These skills are also part of the larger metacognition theme, along with goal setting, time management, organization and diplomacy, which also relate directly to personal management.

How do you look at flexibility in the personal and professional setting? Do you practice adaptability? What does that look like?

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