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~ Wellness Facts for Friday ~

Because it’s been a crazy week and then some, I’m combining wellness Wednesday with factual Friday!

Schedule in “me” time. If it’s on the calendar we’re more likely to follow through, but be cautious to not go overboard. Be sure to include some down time.

If we don’t, we may quickly find ourselves miserable because we’re always playing catch up as we race to stay on schedule.

Planning for down time provides a built-in buffer for unexpected events or fires throughout the day. And, if the buffer time goes unused, there’s now a few extra minutes of time to use freely.

There’s nothing wrong with writing “me” time into the calendar. If changing the mindset is a simple shift of prioritizing the “me” client, then why hesitate?

I suggest trying it out, you may be surprised at the benefits of treating yourself like your own client.

How do you schedule in time for yourself?
Do you actually write it into your calendar? Or simply find space in each day for yourself?
I’d love to hear from you on what works for your lifestyle, email me at info@klrparalegal.com, drop a note below or leave a comment on this blog post.

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